I decided to put together a presentation to share information on mistakes because in life we often beat ourselves up about our choices. Some choices we make is good and some don't always go as we plan but the goal is not to beat yourself up and avoid mistakes as much as possible. The goal is to learn that's how you grow. During this time during social distancing I want you to become more self aware. We often say we forgive ourselves but we still think about all the mistakes we made in the past, which hinders us from moving forward. I don't know what you might be going through right now, maybe you're out of work, maybe you're still working during this pandemic, whatever you are doing, I want you to start today focusing on becoming a better person, for yourself. Even if you feel like you're already doing good, there is always room for improvement. Take this time to get connected to yourself and figure out the roadblocks that have became distractions between you becoming who you were made to be. 





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