2019 Will Be Your Year

Everyone is ready for 2019. Each year millions of people around the world look forward to a new year as a chance to start over. We all long for a fresh slate, a chance to do things differently. 2018 was a good year. I learned so much and I met a lot of interesting people. I turned 30 and my youngest started 4K.I was a bridesmaid in my best friend from high school wedding. My husband and I celebrated our five year wedding anniversary in Miami Florida. We took our children to Washington DC and Destin Florida. We spent time growing together as a family.

I learned so much from my children and I have grown closer to them. This year was busy for me and that was only part of my year. I know we all long for a fresh start and want to forget about the troubles of 2018 but they are what made us who we are. I have learned that you have to embrace your struggles and find lessons in the heartache. Positive affirmation is what helps me get through my days. When I affirm positive things over my life I bring positivity into my life. When I’m in a good mood I have a great day but when my mood is crap my day is crap.

2019 will be your year and even though 2018 wasn’t so good for you it still is your year. Each day is a blessing and I know that you may hear this all the time but I loss so many people in my life that I realized that my life is precious and I have to appreciate the bad and the good days. So as you go about your day reflect on 2018. Look for moments in 2018 that made you smile, laugh, and enjoy love ones and then look up because 2019 will be your year. So when 2019 starts on January 1 remember to speak goodness, positivity, and blessings over your life.

This is your year don’t let anyone steal your moment.

“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written.” -Melody Beattie

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