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Exercise is my happy place. I love fitness so much that I wanted to share my love of fitness with others. If you're looking for one on one training or prefer a group exercise setting, I have something for you. As a mom I realized I was taking care of everyone else which caused me to neglect myself. Exercising gave me confidence, esteem, and resilience. Exercising is good for your body, mind, and soul. If you are interested in gaining your happy back check out my personal training services to see how I can help you get back to what matters, which is you.


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option one

One on One Training

One on One training is a service for clients looking for a customized workout plan. One on One training uses techniques that are client specific. Each client will be given a plan that a specifically based on their wants and needs.


option two

Group Fitness

Group Fitness exercises will be offered throughout each month. Group fitness exercises are listed on the events calendar. Clients that prefer a group fitness setting can sign up for the group fitness classes that are available each month.

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