about me

 i'm shunda an inspiring woman.

What is an inspiring woman?

An inspiring woman is someone who does something for the benefit of others, an encourager, a motivator, and an influencer. I'm a wife, a mom, and a friend to all. I have two boys and one girl. Writing has always been a hobby for me, and creating this blog, allows me to use my words, to inspire others. Through my stories, I hope that my inspirational words will help women and young girls stay inspired and live, and love through the struggles of being a female.

I have learned a lot from my experiences, the things in the world that made me smile, and sometimes sad, the moments that inspired me, challenged me, and drove me forward, including the things that knock me down. These things have shaped and molded me into the person I am today. Through my stories, I hope to inspire someone.


Everyone has a story and you don't realize how powerful it can be when sharing it with others. I hope that my stories will be helpful to those who read them, and that they will be inspired to spread positivity every where they go. There is so much negative stuff online, so I decided to create a positive site, that is free, and available to everyone. If you enjoy this site, please subscribe. 

 New stories are posted every week. I know that sometimes women and girls go through experiences in life, and feel alone. This blog has a judge free policy, only inspiring women, and girls are welcomed. Please feel free to email me with topics that you might want me to discuss, or questions that you might have. 

Always remember your story might change someone else's life.

Who life will you inspire?


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